May 24, 2011

New Logos Created

A client asked for a logo that represents his service as a private jet consultant that charters trips around the world. I met with Del and got to know him better and what he did with his business. He explained that he worked with Learjets. So I immediately plugged the idea of plane imagery. Here are the concepts

He decided to go with the jet outline without any other graphical elements. The font work that I did didn't apply. He did mention a "wavey" feel to the font but decided a sans serif in the end. These things always happen: clients do not under stand a lot of the terminology used in graphic design. Vector/Bitmap, Sans Serif/Serif fonts, resolution and web hosting/domain name differences are all struggles I've had in the past.


Here is the image as submitted -  
I had the pleasure of submitting a design for a contest at my church. I didn't get my hopes up but I thought I had a good chance of winning a logo contest. Turned out they really liked it and they're using it now on their site. However, I should note, they have changed the text in the logo to a combination of serif and sans serif. My submission was a very lofty script called Scriptina and I also had an alternate sans serif (I think it was Verdana).

Here is a link to the site it's being used on:

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