Jan 26, 2010

Finished Project

Client: PulseVet Technologies

I finished up an old project that was waiting on changes for 2 months and I also finished the design (not final) for a 2 fold pamphlet. Both print jobs are based on a standing blue/light aqua blue-graidant background. Both contain text with multiple sets of bullet lists. The graphics used are from stock photography and can be found at www.shutterstock.com.

The theme was created for their convention booth by another company. The name of the company that created the look is Blue Sky Exhibits. It has the gradient with horse and canine images masked out in circles. White outlines, text and pointers are used along with wavy shades of the blue and aqua used in the gradiant. It was easy to re-create with InDesign and Photoshop. I also had to incorporate some of their product shots with a silver background.

I think I will be going over the time limit that I had alloted for this project but I am still happy with the results.

Images and work are property of PulseVet Technologies.

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